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Yur’iinkin Youth service (Intensive Bail Initiative) is based on young people who are identified as at risk or currently involved in the Youth Justice system. Our Youth and Family practitioners will work closely with young people and their families to divert young people away from the Youth Justice system. Support offered can consist of Case management, cultural connectedness, activity-based initiatives to assist in early intervention, complying with bail conditions and avoid further periods of interaction with the Youth Justice system.

Aims & Objectives

The purpose of the Youth and Family Program is reconnecting young people and healing their connections to the broader community that will have significant positive outcomes. The initiative responds to the needs of young people who are at risk or currently involved with Queensland Police Services and or Youth Justice Services tailoring a wraparound response to both young persons and their families.

The aim is to support young people in their situation, including, those without orders and “at risk” of entering the Youth Justice space and while they are on bail, including those who are subject to a Conditional Bail Program (CBP) or Electronic Monitoring trial as a condition of bail.

Yur’iinkin Youth Program Offers
  • Court support for young people and their families including information sharing, advocacy and providing information to the courts outlining bail support and services.
  • Assistance for young people and or their family who are at risk or experiencing homelessness to secure and maintain suitable accommodation.
  • Referrals to services that provide intensive support to young people and their family – Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse intervention programs, Mental Health, Education and Training and other relevant services identified by the young person or their family.
  • Assistance to young people to re-engage with education, training and/ or employment opportunities.
  • Interventions or diversionary programs to minimise high-risk behaviours and further involvement with QPS and or Youth Justice
  • Support in strengthening relations and enhance cultural connection for all First Nations young people and their families and non-First Nations young people and their families.
Program Benefits
  • A decrease in young people offending or reoffending.
  • Support for young people and their families in creating healthy relations that will assist in re connect a young person to their family networks, holding a young person accountable for their behaviours and harness opportunity for families to have input into decision making.
  • Working closely with young people towards breaking entrenched criminal behaviour and making more positive informed choices.
  • Support for young people in improved connections to their family members, community, kinship and culture.
  • Reduction of the overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in the Youth Justice system.
  • Addressing the concerns of the community and victims impacted by crime.
Client Referral

Young people and their families identified as “high risk”, serious offenders with histories of proven multiple and serious offending generally aged between 10 – 18 years; may also be subject to Remand, Bail Conditions, a Conditional Bail Program, Electronic Monitoring (15 years and over) and/or a Youth Justice Order.

Young people and their families aged between 10 -18 years granted bail requiring more intensive levels of assistance including family support (in-home), after-hours case work, crisis interventions and weekend assistance to prevent reoffending while on bail.

Young people aged between 10 – 18 years and their families identified as at risk of entering the youth justice system and in need of a response to divert their entry into the system.

Want to make a client referral? Download our Client Referral Form completing all required sections and email the form to:

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Youth Programs Coordinator

Phone: (07) 3156 4800

Fax: (07) 3265 3263


Hours of Operation

 Monday to Friday

Standard appointments and general operations.

  9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Where We Are Located


16 Bertha Street,

Caboolture QLD 4510

After Hours Response:

The primary function of the On Call service is to provide support for young people and their families whereby involvement may include Queensland Police involvement and CRT is unavailable. The Yur’iinkin Youth and Family Practitioner will provide support to young people and their family about any potential breaches or issues pertaining to accountability in meeting the condition of bail, liaise with QPS relating to a young person and or family circumstances relating to breaches of bail conditions, further advocacy and or support for young person or family who are at risk of entering into the Youth Justice space.

After Hours Responses are provided by appointment or in consultation and agreement by MACP (72 hour plans).

After Hours On Call Service provided: The Service will operate 7 days a week 5.00pm -10pm.

After Hours On Call Service provided:  Saturday and Sunday day time ( 8.30am to 3.30pm) evening (5.00pm – 10pm)

This program is funded by Department of Youth Justice, Employment, Small Business and Training.

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