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Kurbingui Youth and Family Development has developed the, Kurbingui Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement (KATSICE) Program. The KATSICE Program assists audiences from mainstream Government and Non-Government organisations who provided services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families and community.

This program is for everyone and aims to create an understanding and awareness for cross cultural learning and safe engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community groups, members and clients.

This program is a one-day program with 15 to 20 participants per program.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from and discuss with fellow non-indigenous workers within the sector, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers, community elders and members around their own experiences with engagement.

Included in the program is the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander historical component, which is an exploration of pre and post colonisation, historical factors that influence and impact on community members in their current situation. Tips and guides for working and engaging with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community are also explored.

General information is shared by the panel members who discuss their own experience as service users, what worked and what did not. More tailored programs are also available – see below.

All participants are encouraged to make sure that environment is a culturally safe space within the forum and are encouraged to ask any of the hard questions that may not be able to be asked outside of this safe space.

The program can be held at Kurbingui or at alternative venues suitable to facilitators and participants. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is included as per arrangements.

The KATSICE program is a fee for service and is negotiable – please enquire

KATSICE Tailored Programs

The tailored KATSICE programs are designed with individual organisations, relating to their specific organisation and the context of their service delivery.  The historical component is included, and general and specific information is provided in the context of the organisation’s service delivery to assist participants gain an in-depth understanding in relation to their own work.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from fellow non-indigenous workers specific to their sector, community elders and members will share their own experiences with the engagement from services within similar areas they have received assistance from.

As mentioned above, all participants are encouraged to make sure that we all work from a culturally safe space within the forum and are encourage to ask any of the hard questions that may not be able to be asked outside of this safe space.

All presenters and guests will have experience relating to the organisational service delivery. The tailored programs can be delivered either one full day or two half days (dependent on the capacity and need of the organisation). Tailored programs have 20 – 40 participants per program.

The tailored programs are a fee for service and costs are flexible and are dependent on venue hire, catering and number of participants.

Program Benefits

Participants will be able share in positive interactive learning through program activities such as:

Interactive Learning Questionnaire
The questions will be taken at the beginning of the session by participants. Throughout the program the answers for the quiz will be a part of the interactive learning and participants will be able to answer the questions. The questions will be answered at the end of the session.

A chance to connect with other organisations with the assistance of the presenters throughout the day to come up with a plan or hash out some ideas of how they will be able to provide this information back to their own organisations and teams that they work in.

Interview Panel
The audience is able to engage with a few of the members from the presenter group who are able to provide insight and answer questions to any queries that they may have. This is an exciting interactive process that helps to provide answers to any of those harder more personal questions that workers may have come across when working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, families and Community.

Participant Testimonials

Thanks for a lot of useful information and helping us get a better understanding of Indigenous people.

DV Worker

Entertaining and informative.
I learnt lots of new information and I really like the personal stories that were included.

Childcare Worker

I really appreciate the presentation; it was informative and gives a more authentic view of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues.

Especially appreciate the time the elders took to share their stories and time spent with us.

Connect with the KATSICE Program
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KATSICE Program Facilitator

Phone: (07) 3156 4800

Fax: (07) 3265 3263


Hours of Operation

 Monday to Friday

  9:00 am – 5:00 pm

*After Hours by Appointment Only.

Where We Are Located


425 Zillmere Road,

Zillmere QLD 4034

This program is self-funded by Kurbingui Youth & Family Development.

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