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What is the Brisbane Local Level Alliance?

The Brisbane Local Level Alliance (LLA) is a collection of services from across Brisbane who come together monthly or quarterly around a variety of issues affecting children, young people and families.  Member organisations are committed to collaborating to improve outcomes for families, particularly those experiencing disadvantage.  Our membership spans government, community and for-profit agencies across education, health, justice and the social sector.

Why the Local Level Alliances were established across Queensland?

The Local Level Alliances were initiated by the Queensland Government as a reform response to the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry (Commission) report recommendations regarding the need for improved place-based initiatives to harness local knowledge and increase coordinated collaboration across the Queensland child protection sector.

The report makes several references to the need for regional alliances and structures.  The Local Level Alliances are delivered as a function of the Family and Child Connect Program funding.  For Brisbane, Yadeni Tago is the name of the Family and Child Connect Program (Indigenous and Non-Indigenous).  It represents the partnership between Kurbingui Youth and Family and Mercy Community.  Yadeni Tago is Turrabul language for “working together”.

What We Do

The Brisbane LLA adopts methods from community development and collective impact approaches.  We listen to our members and work to establish local initiatives driven by local organisations.

We host Brisbane Region Quarterly Meetings.  These are held to provide information, networking, working group updates and stimulate discussion and member involvement in broad systemic issues that LLA may be able to assist with addressing. Our monthly working groups currently meet to discuss the following areas:

Brisbane North: Engaging families in Early Education.

Brisbane South: Developing a quick reference guide for family support practitioners working with parents who use methamphetamine.

Brisbane South West: Improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s transitions to prep.

Brisbane South West: Improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people’s transitions to high school.

Responses to Young People: Developing an Embedded DV specialist workers/knowledge in services to young people

Responses to Young People: Developing a mobile mental health service for young people

Responses to Young People: Reducing rental prejudice by increasing awareness of youth homelessness

Brisbane North: Family Support Collective.

Brisbane South Family Support Collective (includes the South West region): Our working group objectives are informed by local needs, driven and resourced by the commitment of local organisations and government departments.

What The LLA Sets Out To Achieve

The Family and Child Connect Program Guidelines (Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women) describe the LLA purpose as “To establish or strengthen connections between local services who work with vulnerable families to deliver the right services at the right time”.

Our program guidelines outline the following LLA outcomes:

Building community capacity to provide a more efficient service provision for families and a thriving local community.
Improved and more direct referral pathways for families to access appropriate services.
Family and Child Connect embedded as an alternate pathway for families to be connected to the right support at the right time.
Improved information sharing between providers to enable more coordinated and effective responses to families.
Responses aligned to better support vulnerable families and strengthen service integration, such as a shared practice framework and resources.
Contribute to service system integration through identification of available services and gaps, improvement in the alignment between the configuration of the service system and the needs of local families.
Contribute to place-based planning for the development of an integrated suite of local services that provide families with responsive, accessible and effective support.
Local Level Alliance News
Connect with Level Alliance (LLA)

Phone: (07) 3156 0565

Fax: (07) 3265 3263


Hours of Operation

 Monday to Friday

  8:30 am – 5:30 pm

*A message bank service is available outside of these hours.

Where We Are Located


445 Zillmere Road,

Zillmere QLD 4034

This program is funded by the Queensland Government Department of Children, Youth Justice, and Multicultural Affairs.

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