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Einbumpin Festival 2021

Today Kevin provided the Acknowledgement of Country to open the Einbunpin Festival, a great day out of the Northsides favourite Festival. 

Pictured: Kevin Maund with Councillor Jared Cassidy and Sterling Hinchcliffe. Kevin, Adam and Ava Maund with the Bumpin.

People are invited to visit and participate in the various events and activities which are part of the Einbunpin Festival on Sunday 25th of July 2021. This is an annual community held on the last Sunday in July each year.

Since 1992, the Einbunpin Festival is a celebration by and for the community about those things that make the Sandgate district special – the village atmosphere, the environment and the diverse talents and cultures that make up the community.

The Festival Committee is made up of a number of locals who volunteer to make the event a success. And since its inception, the Einbunpin Festival has been auspiced by SANDBAG.

The Einbunpin Festival continues to provide an opportunity for the community to come together and show-off the vibrancy and artistic talents found in the district. It’s a great chance to learn more about our local community, and catch up with friends.

Held in the heart of Sandgate, the Festival is held around the lagoon and parkland in Brighton Road Sandgate (bordered by Keogh Street, Lagoon Street and Bowser Parade).

The day includes something for everyone – stalls, entertaining performances by locals, as well as games and activities.

The Brisbane City Council has again been the backbone of support for the event, with sponsorship since 1992. Since its inception, local community organisation Sandgate & Bracken Ridge Action Group has auspiced the event.

Find out more about the festival here:

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