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Tailored Assistance Employment Program (TAEP)

Tailored Assistance Employment Program (TAEP)

Are you motivated and actively looking for Work?

Wanting a change in career paths?

Are you Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander?

Kurbingui are offering Pre-Employment and Holistic wrap around supports and help you find a job


  • Pre-Employment support & Training to get you work ready.
  • Cultural Mentoring to assist your employment journey and transition into employment.

(This includes Non-Indigenous Employer Cultural Awareness Training)

  • Assistance to explore and find Employment and support while you settle into your new workplace.
  • A culturally safe environment and supports addressing your identified barriers to getting the job you want and keeping it.
  • Support to find employment and explore further study to assist with up-skilling.
  • Links to employers and networks that have employment opportunities.


Forward your resume to:

*Eligibility Criteria Applies:

  • Must be 15 years or older.
  • Be motivated and actively looking for employment.
  • Be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander decent.

If you require further information, please contact Tina or Deb:

Phone: (07) 3156 4800 or Email:

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